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Upcoming London Workshop

KonMari Your Life!

​Learn to declutter your home & optimise your life using the KonMari Method™

Saturday 7th March 2020  2pm-3pm

Is your messy and cluttered home bringing you stress?

Have your friends raved about the Marie Kondo Method but you never got around to reading the book?

Do you want to learn simple yet effective tidying skills that will bring joy to your home in a supportive and engaging environment?

Then come along to KonMari Your Life!

 A tidying masterclass hosted by:

Certified KonMari Consultant, Anna Fenn of Optimise Your Space.

This Workshop Includes:

The benefits of applying the KonMari method to your life.

How to clear physical and emotional clutter using the KonMari principles.

The advantages of tidying by category instead of by room.

Clothes Folding Demonstration - Learn how to fold your clothes the KonMari way.

Spark Joy - why this concept will change your life.

Q&A time.

Each attendee will also receive a special discounted rate for first home consultation with Optimise Your Space - to support their tidying journey.

Join me, and start living the tidy and calm life you've always dreamed of!

Yours in tidying,

Anna Fenn,

Optimise Your Space

Tickets available through the following site:

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