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How does this work? 


Firstly we discuss what you wish to gain through this process. Knowing why you want a tidy home will give you the blueprint for achieving your goal. Many clients have found that organising their home created a new felt space in their life. One that brought joy and a sense of peace by discarding the things that didn't serve them.


I want to help you bring this space into your own home too.


We declutter your home step by step using the following categories.


1. Clothing 

2. Books

 3. Papers 

4. Komono 

5. Sentimental 


We would begin with the clothing category and progress on to the others once you are ready. 




How long will the process take?


 The process can vary from person to person, depending on their home and lifestyle. Each tidying Lesson is a minimum of 3 hours with the option to extend on an individual needs basis. The number of lessons needed to complete a project is largely dependent on two key factors. The size of the home (as we evaluate each object, ensuring nothing is forgotten) and, secondly, the speed at which a client can let go of their possessions. When we finish your tidying festival, you will know when it is time to release an item, you will shop in a more joy-conscious manner, and you will have learned the skill of keeping your home tidy for life. 


Will the KonMari Method work for me?


I truly believe that the space in your home reflects the life you are living. If you want an energised, stress-free, and organised life, then the first place to start is within your home. If you were to visualise your perfect life, how does it look? Do your current circumstances reflect that desire? If not, what has held you back? Creating the life you've always dreamt of requires action, and  I can help you achieve this! 


So can I leave you alone to clean my house? 


To clarify, I am not a cleaner but a KonMari tidying consultant. I will advise you, but the physical work will be done fundamentally by you with my support.  It is important to appreciate that the process requires your presence and commitment as it is you and you alone will make the final decision on whether an item is to be kept or discarded.  Therefore, it is crucial that you are present in deciding what is kept or released as you are the only one who can know what things spark joy in your home. 


I've always been a messy person.


Tidying is a skill that can be learnt. You can't be expected to know how to tidy unless you have been taught. Many people label themselves as disorganised simply because they don't know how to start bringing order into their lives. This is something I can help you learn. I will support you throughout your tidying journey every step of the way. You're in good hands! 


Okay, so I've tidied up. Won't my home become a mess again anyway?


 The wonderful thing about the Konmari method is that it helps you not revert to your old ways by making sure that all your possessions have a proper place to be stored. In addition, you learn only to keep the things that really matter to you and make you happy, thus making you think twice before making a new purchase. 


Booking and Fees:


Appointments must be paid for before the session by bank transfer.


Cancellation Policy


To receive a full refund, each client must cancel within 48 hours' notice. T&C apply.

Travel * 

Travel time and the cost of transport outside Zone 4 in London will be charged in advance of the session.  


Okay, I am really excited to get going on this and start organising my life! Where do we go from here? 


Fantastic! Get in touch to arrange your free phone consultation. Our chat gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have about the Kon Mari Method and see if it's right for you. If we make a good team, then it's full steam ahead! 



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